Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Week After Recess

This week started off a bit slow but ended with lots of work. I did the usual office work but went to three meetings this past week. First, I went to a hearing on Anti-trust laws in the media. There is a concern because newspapers are consolidating due to the economy and online news is skyrocketing. There were concerns over Anti-trust laws harming the new ways newspapers are looking at surviving in the economy. Next, I went to a meeting about the IQ system. There is a new IQ system in the works to make constituent correspondence easier that is an optional node with the system. Finally, I went to a meeting about the Mexican Trucks issue. There was a lot of talk about NAFTA and Mexican retaliation in response to the US nott fulfilling its obligations to NAFTA. Overall, this was a busy week and it was interesting.

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